Happy and engaged employees...

Stay longer with the company
Are more productive and exceed targets
Deliver great customer experience
And are best for your business

But employee disengagement is an every day problem

HR and People Leaders are trying to solve this complex problem

We know how you can fix employee disengagement - it's with a deep understanding of people's intrinsic and extrinsic motivators and engagement drivers.

Empuls is the employee engagement platform for people-first companies

Empuls, a Xoxoday product, was launched as an employee recognition and rewards platform in early 2019. Fast forward to today, Empuls has all the tools you need to meaningfully celebrate your people's work and craft your unique culture.

A unified solution for holistic employee engagement

By constantly innovating on our platform, we want to help companies tap into their greatest assets through multi-dimensional employee engagement.

That's our vision.
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Empuls launched
Empuls users
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Our Culture

Our mission starts with us!

Every company needs engaged employees, and so does Xoxoday. We firmly believe that our people are our #1 competitive advantage. When they spend most of their time doing meaningful work at Xoxoday, we want that time to be cherished beyond work. That's why we do everything to connect and align them with our shared purpose, show that we genuinely value their contributions, and empower them to create the best workplace for everyone.

Take a peek inside Xoxoday

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Our Culture

At Xoxoday, everyone can experience culture through the shared ethos, the way we treat each other, the work we do, and the results we achieve together.

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The Employee Handbook

Every person at Xoxoday creates a unique and powerful impact. Our handbook familiarizes you with the way we work, do business, and engage with the community.

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Life at Xoxoday

People are at the heart of Xoxoday. Xoxoday is brimming with people who not only ace at work but also know how to have fun and give meaning to their passion.

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Meet the team that drives us forward

We are a team of enthusiastic contributors, creative problem solvers, and authentic humans, with a shared purpose.

Manoj Agarwal

Co-Founder, Product & Marketing

Sumit Khandelwal

Co-Founder, Sales & Finance

Abhishek Kumar


Kushal Agrawal


Abhimanyu Choudhary

Founding Team, Sales

Srivatsan Mohan

Founding Team, Technology

Mayank Singh


Gurmeet Singh


John Mills


Ankit Bindal


Srinivasa Sainath Samala


Mallikarjun Honnalli


Mary Madhavi Reddy


Sathyanarayana G


Janani Rangarajan


Janardhan Naik


Empuls is our digital headquarters

Our people can choose to work from our offices in Bangalore, San Francisco, and Dublin, the comfort of their homes, or any place that inspires them to do their best work.

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Bangalore, India

17, 2nd Floor, Bhagyalaxmi Square, 3rd Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102.

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California, USA

303 Twin Dolphin Drive, FL 600 #80, Redwood City, CA, 94065.

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Dublin, Ireland

Dogpatch Labs, The Chq Building, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1, D01 Y6H7, Ireland.

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We want to learn more about your culture. Let us discuss how we can help you build an engagement program at your company.

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